classesPawtential’s focus is on creating a relaxed, happy dog able to understand and respond happily to requests and routines. You will learn how to encourage manners and behaviours needed for your dog to become an enjoyable, happy and healthy member of your family and community. Learn why your dog does the things he does – understanding your dog will help you and your family develop a loving, respectful relationship with each other. Learn how to teach desired behaviour and to maintain these behaviours throughout your dogs life. We encourage everyone in the household, including children, to participate in classes so that the whole family can learn how to communicate with their dog. (Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.)

A maximum of six dogs with their families are enrolled in any one class. Only reward-based training techniques are used. You will be taught how to put a reward system in place to strengthen the behaviours you desire in your dog.

Classes are held on a regular basis at Palmwoods and Maleny. Other locations can be arranged on request if a minimum of three dogs with their families enrol.