Agility-Rally-O-and-more1After graduation from the Manners and Life Skills Classes, continue having fun learning Agility, Rally or other doggy activities

So why choose Agility?

Well! for most people it is the sheer joy of seeing their dogs having so much fun. The first level of agility involves foundation exercises that appear to have nothing to do with agility! These exercises are in place to keep our dogs safe while navigating agility obstacles. The emotional and physical welfare of dogs involved in Pawtential classes is always foremost in our mind. We therefore keep to the training structure of Rest, Work and Play that all classes are based on.

Agility involves teaching our dogs to follow our direction over jumps, through tunnels and tyre, up the see-saw and over the dog walk or A-frame. Not only does Agility provide both mental and physical stimulation for our dogs but it makes for a great work out for us too!

Why don’t you join us for Agility.

We have a lot of fun.