Manners-and-Life-Skills-Class1The Pawtential Maleny Manners and Life Skills Class is focused on ensuring you have an understanding of how to teach your dog desired behaviours, how to prevent behavioural problems, how to problem solve and how to put into place a training regime that will maintain the behaviours you have taught your dog.

Learn how to communicate effectively with your dog without the need for force or intimidation. We will show you how to develop a relationship with your dog that is based on fun, love, trust and companionship.

Classes are held at Maleny Showground Saturday and Tuesday mornings. You will commence with private tuition first to prepare you and your dog for the class environment. See the Fee Chart on the right side of this page

 Content of the Maleny Manners and Life Skills Class

  • An understanding of why dogs do what they do
  • how to communicate effectively with your dog
  • maintaining the sit, drop and stand positions while adding Distance, Duration and DistractionManners-and-Life-Skills-Class2
  • what games to play that strengthen your dogs reliability in coming when called
  • how to teach your dog to walk on a loose lead beside you
  • exercises to develop better focus
  • building the relationship of trust and respect
  • putting into place a reward system that will continue to encourage desired behaviours
  • teaching nice manners such as ‘sit for greeting visitors’
  • teaching safety skills such as ‘give’ and ‘leave’


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