Pups Less than Six Months

Pawtential-PuppiesEarly socialisation is vital in the development of socially confident, relaxed and accepting dogs. The experiences puppies have up to 12 to 16 weeks of age stay with them into adulthood – this is called imprinting.

Your puppy needs to have positive, fun experiences with a wide variety of adults, children, animals, dogs, objects, noises and environments. Puppy classes provide one opportunity to take advantage of this very important imprinting stage. You will receive advice in all areas of training and behavioural development, such as housetraining, chewing, mouthing, biting, jumping and training behaviours. The emphasis is on avoiding behavioural issues developing and on teaching your puppy nice manners.

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Pawtential Puppies at Palmwoods is held at Palmwoods Veterinary Clinic on Wednesday evenings. There are six lessons involved for $160. Each lesson runs for an hour.

Click on the link on the right hand side of this page. You will be taken to a list of documents providing information on the various challenges when raising a puppy.
Read the document “Preparation for Class” which outlines what to bring to each lesson.

There are also classes suitable for puppies at Maleny Showground. See the “Maleny Manners and Life Skills” page.