private-tuitionPawtential appreciates that group classes may not be for every dog. In fact, a busy environment can be quite detrimental to your dog’s ability to relax, concentrate and therefore learn.

Private Tuition, and whether we meet at Pawtential’s training grounds or in your home, will depend on the type of training and behaviour challenges to be addressed.

The safety and comfort of your dog comes first!

The following situations are examples of how Private Tuition may be better suited to you and your dog:

  • Preparing your dog for future attendance in a class environment.
  • Teaching Reactive Rovers and Nervous Nellies the skills needed for rehabilitation
  • Helping your children to stay safe around dogs.
  • Preparing you, your family and your dog for any new additions to the family whether a new baby or new pet.
  • Working on specific behaviour issues occurring in your home environment such as barking, toilet training, digging, chewing, multi dog interactions, escaping.
  • Helping to train your dog into appropriate routines at home.