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“A big thank you to Lyn and the team that helped our delightful pups Leo and Panda become the responsible and delightful dogs they are now. Being first time owners together of these two wonderful dogs, we had a steep learning curve, especially with the intelligence of the border collie breed (much more intelligent than their owners, and continuing to show us everyday that they are smarter than the average bear!). We found the positive training techniques and tips that Lyn gave us both in puppy school and the lifestyle, manners and obedience classes were invaluable and would recommend the classes to any dog owner on the coast. The lessons were friendly and informal and our dogs loved attending every week.”
Lyn, Terry & Bec with Leo & Panda the Border Collies
Testimonial-Keisha“We believe the techniques and advice that Lyn and her team have encouraged us to use have helped us not only train our dog but also develop a great bond that has ensured Keisha’s true personality has not been lost during the training process.

Keisha has now become a much loved member of our family.”

Chris, Kylie, Mackenzie & Cooper with Keisha
“I have two Pugalier puppies, Maggie and Georgie, which I must say can be a handful at times but without the advice and assistance from Lyn at Pawtential my job would be so much harder. If we need help at any time we can ring her mobile or email and she will return your request within a very short time. Her knowledge (unbelievable) and guidance has been such a help especially being older and on my own with two little dears. After your puppy graduates Lyn allows you to keep attending classes until you feel you have learnt enough to handle your puppy to your satisfaction. I would recommend Lyn to any new puppy owner.”
Wendy Hill with Maggie & Georgie, Montville QLD
Testimonial-Gina-&-Rosalee“The Pawtential Puppy Basics Course instructed by Lyn Witts has proved to be an invaluable tool for raising a well adjusted, polite and child-friendly dog. Lyn was professional and helpful at all times and offered my puppy and I a positive experience every time we attended class.She demonstrated immeasurable knowledge, experience and understanding. We were emailed informative notes, directed towards a number of other appropriate resources and provided with individual guidance and hands on advice. My puppy was mesmerised by Lyn and absolutely loved the social aspect of puppy class. I recommend all new puppy owners do a puppy class and we found Lyn’s class to be fantastic. Guaranteed, puppy and owner will be rewarded!”
Gina with Rosalee the Chocolate Labrador
Testimonial-Hailey-Bowen-&-Atari“Having been to a puppy class and seen the benefits before, I was keen to do it again with my new puppy Atari. Lyn was recommended to me by my local vet and has exceeded in my expectations of what I thought I was going to get out of the class. Having a very active and ‘hard to keep focused’ puppy can be difficult at times, but Lyn insured that I did not miss out on anything and helped me to focus Atari. We then moved on to the beginner class and Atari has continued to progress in leaps and bounds. Lyn kept us well informed with plenty of emails and DVD’s as well as many tips and hints. I have been recommending Lyn to all of my puppy owning friends!”
Hailey Bowen with Atari the Boxer
Testimonial-Erica-Stanton-&-Archie“The click and treating has worked so well with Archie, he is a very obedient little dog most times. I have had people come up to me at the beach and make comments on how obedient Archie is and that they didn’t think Beagles could be trained or that they were too ‘stupid’ to be trained. He is very sociable and much better behaved than I thought a 5mth old beagle could be for which I am very grateful. He learnt so much in just a few weeks. I put into practice all the tips you have given me and am very pleased with his progress. Thanks.”
Erica Stanton with Archie the Beagle, Rosemount QLD